Wikipedia – Yvon Durelle

Wikipedia : «… Yvon Durelle, born October 14, 1929 in Baie-Ste-Anne, New Brunswick, Canada, was a British Empire champion boxer.

From a family of fourteen children, Yvon Durelle grew up in a small Acadian fishing village on the Atlantic coast. Like many others of his generation, he left school at an early age to work on a fishing boat. In his spare time, Durelle liked to box and while still working in the fishery, he began prize fighting on weekends. Dubbed as the Fighting Fisherman, he began his professional career in 1948, boxing at various venues around the province of New Brunswick. Over time he gained a reputation as a tough opponent with a hard punch and his victories eventually made him one of the top ranked middleweight fighters in Canada… ». n’est aucunement propriétaire ou responsable du contenu des sites et des hyperliens externes. is not the owner or responsible for the content of external sites and hyperlinks.

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