**50 ANS/YEARS ** Youtube.com – Durelle contre/vs Moore (1958)

Yvon Durelle contre/vs. Archie Moore

Titre mondial des mi-lourds
World light-heavyweight title

Montréal, Canada

10 décembre 1958
December 10, 1958

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2 Responses to “**50 ANS/YEARS ** Youtube.com – Durelle contre/vs Moore (1958)”

  1. saturne dit :

    Super Yvon! Bravo mon idole.

  2. J'Marie Moore dit :

    What a classic first round! Watching Durelle pace back and forth in his corner, like a true Thoroughbred ready to win a race.
    Having a long reach, he seems careful and exacting his moves. Everyone of Durelle’s punches gather steam, thus proving to the fans, judges, referees and his opponent he means business. Once building his confidence against the Mongoose, he lets loose like a locomotive. His is full of venom and energy! Durelle a classic boxer, considered a « stalker » type and using a step in jab and drag method. He inches his way in lands a barrage of punches. Keeping his eye on the prize, carefully targeting in on the Ol’ Mongoose. He shows no mercy as Archie hits the canvas… again and again and again! A true warrior!!!