Thérèse Martin-Durelle 1934-2011

16 janvier 1934 – January 7, 2011

Décès ce matin de Thérèse Martin-Durelle, l’épouse d’Yvon Durelle.
This morning, Thérèse Martin-Durelle, spouse of the fighting fisherman, died.

Robert Richard
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada)


Avis de décès/Obituary, Thérèse Durelle,

Nécrologie, Thérèse Durelle, l’Acadie Nouvelle,

Quatre ans après, Thérèse Durelle décède, le vendredi 7 janvier 2011, par Bruno Richard, l’Acadie Nouvelle.

Le téléjournal/Acadie à la télévision de Radio-Canada avec Abbé Lanteigne et Martin Robert, 7 janvier 2011 (Vidéo du bulletin : Regardez 5/6).

Exposition virtuelle 50/50 – Le cinquantenaire de Willie O’Ree et d’Yvon Durelle, Lundi 4 janvier 2010.
Source : Service des communications, Campus de Moncton

Visite virtuelle/Virtual visit Baie-Sainte-Anne, New Brunswick (Canada)

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12 Responses to “Thérèse Martin-Durelle 1934-2011”

  1. Robert Richard dit :

    Mardi 11 janvier – Tuesday January 11, 2011
    Église de Baie-Sainte-Anne church
    14 h – 2 pm

    Indications/Directions – Google maps

  2. Sylvain Godin dit :

    Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille.

  3. Philippe St-Martin dit :

    À sa famille, j’adresse toute ma sympathie

  4. Robert Lagacé dit :

    Je voudrais dire à Geneva, Yvon Jr., Paul et Francine que mes pensées sont pour vous et vos familles. Je n’ai malheureusement pas connu tellement votre mère. Depuis 1985, mon travail de journaliste sportif m’a surtout mené à parler à votre père de temps en temps. Par contre, les rares fois où j’ai pu la voir à l’oeuvre furent suffisantes pour me rendre compte à quel point elle était spéciale. Le 15 octobre 2008, lors d’une conférence de presse visant à lancer l’exposition consacrée à Yvon, de même qu’au début de la série de 21 chroniques dans L’Acadie NOUVELLE, Thérèse m’avait carrément scié les jambes par sa force de caractère et par sa facilité à communiquer ses opinions. C’est ce jour-là que j’ai vraiment réalisé que Thérèse était le miracle qui avait permis à Yvon de réaliser autant d’exploits.

  5. norman gautreau dit :

     » therese & Doux will finely be togeter again. She was our Girl & always seen that we where taken care of. We wiil Miss you God Bless & Good-Bye Norman Gautreau  » Vancouver »

  6. I heard that Theresa had been ill. So sorry she has passed away. She was a super lady and my dad, Chris Shaban, and all of his family thought the world of her. My heartfelt sympathy to the family. Sincerely, Walter and Helen (Shaban) McQuinn, and her sisters Jeanie Shaban and Sharon Melanson,

  7. To a very highly respected family of Baie Ste Anne again we find ourself offering our sincere condolences to the The Durelle’s family, Gene, BO, Paul, Francine and families. May Therese Rest In Peace at the side of her loving husband Yvon. They both gave it all for their family and friends in their lifetime, we sure had years of enjoyment from your life stories, and the way you could laughs at it as they were becoming history the two of you, we still miss the frequent visit from you and Yvon and unbeleivable that it has be 4 long years already. Again to the Family and Friends our deepest sympaties and Friends we shall meet again someday and until them you both will alway be in our mind and prayers. Aldore, Mary, and Family

  8. Uwe Betker dit :

    I very sad to heard that Theresa has passed away. I only knew her from two phone calls but it doesn`t go without notice, that she was a real lady.
    Uwe Betker

  9. Steve & Anna U'Ren dit :

    Anna & I were very sad to hear of Therese passing.She wrote us at Christmas and said she was feeling well.We miss our annual summer visits with Yvon & Therese at their home and will now miss our visit each summer with Therese as we pass through Moncton.Our prayers are with their family at this time.
    Steve & Anna U’Ren

  10. Pam&Bruno Guglielmi dit :

    We were sad to hear of the passing of such a wonderful woman.Therese was loved
    by many and will be missed by many.Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
    Pam&Bruno Guglielmi

  11. Rinze van der Meer dit :

    Dear Robert Richard,

    Thank you for informing me.

    Due to a technical problem I could not leave a message on
    and a family thing interfered my immediate response.

    Please do pass on my reaction to the Durelle Family.

    It is with deep sadness that I learned from the death of this kind lady who with her legendary husband provided the ingredients for one lovely Sunday afternoon early June 2002.

    I was on my way from Boston to Canastota NY (New York) for the Induction weekend of the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Quite a detour, but it was worth every bit of effort.

    To be with that lovely couple was a highlight for me. Since then they’re in my heart.

    Please please do tell the family of my sincere feelings. When I received a signed copy of « the Fighting Fisherman », many years ago, a picture of the family was included.

    Where do the younger Durelle’s live? Mrs. Theresa once told me she wanted to move to Moncton. Robert you have the pictures of me with the Champ outside their home at 5374 Route 117 in Baie Sainte Anne.

    Please let the Durelle’s know that their parents were highly respected and the memory of my visit will be treasured for ever.

    Anyone with a sense for great boxing history would have loved to be there. But I was there. Memories that will never fade away.

    In Yvon’s memory book is a letter from Gerd (or Gerdie) Riethenauer from Frankfurt Germany. I saw that letter. He was the best Friend I ever had. Gerd died all of a sudden some 6 years ago. He was only 62.

    Some say I’m an encyclopedia of boxing, but Gerd could beat me as they say « Six days a week and twice on Sunday » We were both 100% into the history of our great sport in which Yvon Durelle plays such an important part.

    Those were the days. Forget about those overpriced so-called world champions. In each category you have 4 or 5 who claim to be THE world champion. Gerd knew better and so do I.

    Those who met him agree that the Durelle from the boxing is just a part. Being with him and his wife meant so much more to me.

    May the Good Lord bless this sweet couple with eternal rest.

    Sincere regards, please stay in touch.

    Rinze van der Meer
    The Netherlands
    Media Director:

  12. Essmaie dit :

    Yvon Durelle Is Actually directly related to me. He was my great great grand father. I herd alot about his history, and i am Glad to be a decendant of him.