Yvon Durelle : timbre/stamp

ATLANTIQUE (Radio-Canada)
Dimanche 4 mars 2007, 16 h 07

Yvon Durelle : Un timbre pour un champion

«… Raymond Chiasson, un philatéliste de Campbellton, au Nouveau-Brunswick, demande à Postes Canada d’émettre un timbre à l’effigie du boxeur acadien Yvon Durelle, décédé en janvier dernier… ».

Published Saturday March 24th, 2007
Appeared on page A1/A11

Fighting Fisherman may get own stamp

«… Yvon Durelle, the legendary boxing champion who became a hero to generations of New Brunswickers, is still a contender – to grace a stamp.

Campbellton stamp collector Raymond Chiasson has asked Canada Post to issue a stamp honouring Durelle, « the Fighting Fisherman, » who passed away in January at the age of 77.

Chiasson has suggested the stamp come out in 2008 to mark the 50th anniversary of Durelle’s most famous fight… ».

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One Response to “Yvon Durelle : timbre/stamp”

  1. Rinze van der Meer dit :

    Dear People of the Canadian Mail,

    To honour such a unique man, who also was a fine champion, with a stamp would be great.
    I had the privilege of meeting Yvon Durelle in his home of Baie-St’e-Anne on Sunday June 2nd 2002. That was a wonderful experience.

    That was quite a detour, as I was on my way to Canastota NY for the induction weekend of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

    It was worth every effort.
    There will never be another Yvon Durelle.

    Rinze van der Meer
    member of the Executive Council of the European Boxing Union.
    Member of the Election Commitee of the Intern. Boxing Hall of Fame.