Photo Yvon Durelle 1957-1958

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10 Responses to “Photo Yvon Durelle 1957-1958”

  1. Freeman (Gump) Gorman dit :

    I knew Yvon and just wanted to look at the pictures. Thank you.

  2. Alice Donney dit :

    I believe that my Husband Frank Donney sparred with Yvon around 1955 to maybe 1959 anybody with info would be appreciated

  3. norman Gautreau dit :

    My name is Norman Gautreau. I am from Moncton (New Brunswick, Canada), but I’ve been in British Columbia (Canada) since the early 60s. I remember Yvon; I was working out at the Air Force Base in Moncton (called #31). In the 50s Yvon was training for a fight in Tampa Florida; I was prepairing for a fight in New York Madison Square Garden. There was a Chap by the name of Downy; I’m sure his name was Frank? He was a perty heavy (maybe a Middleweight??). He was one tough Guy. Would he be related to the Downys from Nova Scotia (Canada)? Anyway I hope this information is of use to you. All the Best.


  4. Katrina Potrait dit :

    Hello, my name is Katrina and Yvon durelle
    is my cousin <3. we miss him… :(

  5. Alice Donney dit :

    To Norman Gautreau: Dear Norman, seen your message regarding Frank Donney. Frank had served in the Air force from 1951 to 1958. He was at St Hubert Quebec, St Johns, PQ, Borden, Grostenquin, France, 421 squadron, 52-55, then back to Lachine, Quebec. Then up to Churchill, 57 and 58. Dont know which Boxing clubs he had been in. We have photos of him in the force and after. He had thick blond hair. Also spoke french. He was born in Gatineau and was raised as Francois Joseph Marangere. Frank had no relatives under the Donney name. Thank you, Alice.

  6. norman Gautreau dit :

    Att: All Yvon Durelle fans- We have Venues Name after some world greatest Boxers & Sports- You have the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit- Max Schmeling in Germany-Laslo Papp in Hungery- & in other places in the world. Why Not a Yvon Durelle Arena in the his Home province? (Newcastle-Chatham-Moncton-Or? I know that Yvons family would be very happy, I myself will be forever Greatfull & Thankfull for his help & Guideance & Help & advice he gave me in the 50 odd years that we where Pals (12 in Boxing). You have lost Legend Lets not Forget Him ??? Regard, Norman Gautreau, Vancouver, B.C.

  7. george alyre doiron dit :

    I was brought up in his home town. He was a great man.

  8. Brad Ramsay dit :

    I seem to recall a family story that my uncle once fought Yvon Durelle in the ring. His name was Francis (Sonny) Ramsay of Chatham, N.B. I don’t know the date of the fight but if you could find a record of the fight I would greatly appreciate it if you would e-mail it to me.

    Personally, I met Mr. Durelle once when I was 12 years old and shook his hand. It was the biggest hand I had ever seen.

    Thanks for any assistance you can give me,

    Brad Ramsay

  9. Raymonde savoie dit :

    Hallo moi je suis la fille de Simon S Rousselle de Lagaceville qui etais des grand amis de mes parents je connaissait pas mal tout ses frere ont avait eu un petit chien de un des frere a Yvon on 1965 ont la eu pour 20 ans maitenant mes parents sont decede mais mon pere jouait du violon a la danse pour Yvon Durelle le samedi soir ses les annee 64 je crois faudrait regarder sur les papier car maman ecrivait toute sa dans un cahierdonc si vous avez des question appeller a Raymonde Savoie je demeure a Caraquet merci

  10. peter malley dit :

    hi norman,i’m from chatham nb,and my uncle was ko malley,and my dad had a poster with you fighting him at the sinclair rink in newcastle.nb in july 7 ?maybe around 56,57,58,i’m not sure.would you have any more info on this,ko’s son hangs around with me and i’d would like to get some for him,thanks