New documentary film/Nouveau film documentaire
Air Tuesday, April 29 (2008), on CBC television Maritimes/
Diffusé le mardi 29 avril 2008 sur CBC television Maritimes

Tuesday, April 29 (2008)
Tuesday, April 29 7:00 p.m. on CBC Television (Radio-Canada – Maritimes)

«… Grave Concerns is a new program that brings back to life the stories of some of our most renowned Canadians. Part documentary, part biography and part travelogue, Grave Concerns visits the hometowns of famous individuals to unearth where and how they lived… ».

This week we visit Yvon Durelle hometown in rural New Brunswick. n’est aucunement propriétaire ou responsable du contenu des sites et des hyperliens externes. is not the owner or responsible for the content of external sites and hyperlinks.

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